This is a very important section

With major mistrust with Governments, Pharmaceutical Companies and even our most trusted the Food Industry.

We all have the right to free choice and most of all. What we take in order to cure.!

History has taught us many great things. Some we have embraced, some ignored. Sad to say, but as regards Cannabis we ignored it. Unfortunately not through our own faults.
But through the people who were going to lose the most, capitalist Groups and Lobies.

Many great people have been outspoken about the Medical benifits of Cannabis. But still we dont take action. Its our sad regret to say that anybody we have helped or given advice to.
Have been near there end.

But through there will to live, there devotion to life and most of all. There love for there family. They, through internet, friends and family.
Have beaten or are treating there Cancer, M.S. or Neurological Problems.
And doing quite well.

Dont deny the right to life or even FREE Medicine.

Here we will educate and learn together.
We will ad links, stories and where best to get advice or even help.