What’s Growing On?

What’s Growing On?

We would very much like to welcome you to this section of the website. Here we intend to share, educate, learn and try to focus on the future here in Ireland and the E.U.

A small group of family would often come over to Ireland and share there stories of the world. Then quit occasionally they would disappear round the back of a shed.

Where people left, smoke appeared….

It wasn’t till 1991 when we were sent to a town called Valkenburg for an excursion, that we found something called Kashmir. A delightful little product. Purchased for a couple of guilder, we were away.

That was it from there…

Traveling and meeting likewise minded people came very easy with this. We found ourselves amongst some truly great people, some of whom we will never forget. With passion and ideas. Sometimes that’s all you need!

A group of friends around the world helped to get things going for us. We shared our beliefs, learning’s and best of all. Our genetics that we had all collected on our travels. With everything put into place slowly taking it into account, law, viability, worth and way of life. We researched what we had to do in order to comply. So here we are.

Mighty Irish seeds

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