Grow Info

As regards germination, please check your Countries Law policies on this matter. Where Countries Laws allow such, we are pleased to lend some advice.

In Ireland

The possession and sale of cannabis seeds is not prohibited under the Misuse of Drugs Legislation. Cannabis seeds are permissible as trade-able goods not controlled by the international drug control conventions. Because cannabis hemp seed is sold for farm and bird feeds, agriculture and many other industries.

Germination Tips:

Rockwool Blocks: Because of the compound of rockwool, you must first soak the blocks overnight in a 5.5ph solution in order to adjust the ph accordingly to acheive best results.
PH 5.5 EC 0.4 ( For Seeds only) Higher Ec plant depending.

Jiffy Pellets: Soak these in a good quality water solution until they are ready. Like most mediums. Insert the seed about 1cm down. Place then on a heated propagator.

Soil: This would be the most natural way. Start with some good quality potting soil.
Space out the rows or seeds as needed (Don’t forget to make the variety). Gentle cover the seeds and lighty water. (Please do not soak them)

Water: A great way if you if you want to be sure they crack open, but please they need to be done quick. They’re not fish.
As said, place in some good quality tepid water in a warm dark place. Check regularly.
Should take 24 to 72 hours.